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About us

About us

Life is full of flavors – sometimes sweet, sometimes salty, even sour and tangy. Together, these flavors make life what it isqoot a celebration of joy. Qoot Food Limited, a 29 years young company has initiated a new venture called Qoot to bring this celebration of joy to every home. Qoot stands for quality that is outstanding and has overwhelming Taste. Celebration and joy become accentuated when accompanied by great, tasty food. And the vice versa is also true. Great lingering food that excites the taste buds becomes a reason for celebration and joy. Because Qoot believes that the simple pleasure of eating and drinking turns life into a festivity.

All products from the galley of Qoot are simply about Quality that is outstanding. Incorporating the rich experience of Qoot Food as a leading exporter of Agro Processing Manufacturing plants, Qoot focuses on providing the best quality products to clients to turn their every eating experience into an indulgence of rich taste and feasting. Sourcing the best ingredients that add perfect flavor to the food is the first rule at Qoot. Turning these high quality ingredients into culinary delights is a specialty of Qoot. The manufacturing plant at Qoot is modern with the best equipments and machines yet traditional to allow the authentic Indian way of preparing condiments with each step being a work of art. Ensuring proper hygiene and cleanliness these contemporary plants continuously produce flavors that excite the senses.

The soul of the smart plants at Qoot is the exciting recipes that are used to make the innovative products. After thoroughly researching through the panorama of classical Indian recipes offered by Grand Ma’s and Aunts, the professional team at Qoot has added its own bold and innovative procedures to make the products suitable for the palate of modern generation. Be it Pizzas, pastas, Chinese or traditional Indian flavors, the Qoot products blend well with all types of cuisine.

Passion forms the basic ingredient of the working style at Qoot. The team at Qoot comprises of people who love what they do and who are genuinely dedicated to ensure freshness and impeccable quality. The team works with great sincerity taking care of every detail to give the best products. They are motivated by a deep desire to add joy to every life they touch.

Qoot is all about taste that lingers in the mouth. The products include ketchups, pickles, papads and other accompaniments that complement and lift the taste of regular meals. The overwhelming taste of Qoot products leaves everyone asking for more.

This is just the beginning. Qoot is visualizing to launch a vast range of products to add to celebration and revelry in life. More products are in line for a lip smacking adventure with more taste, more spice and more life.

Life can be moody. Dull – excited – sad- joyful it can swing in any direction. Sometimes the sky is clear but qootmastisometimes cloudy, and sometimes heavy rains of emotions fall from the eyes. And sometimes spring of flowers bloom. Yet Life must go on, and we must make effort to change its mood for Masti. An easy way to perk things up is QootMasti a delightful range of spicy, tangy accompaniments from the House of Qoot.

Qoot is the ocean of joy that brings a large number of products that enhance your eating experience. From that ocean springs up this saucy wave of tasteful products called QootMasti. The Masti range of Qoot includes Pickles, Sauces, Papads, Khakhra and a whole lot of Ketchups that bring a zing to your food.

So when you are feeling low or dull, when all doors seem to shut down, just sit down for a hearty meal and open that little jar of QootMasti Pickle, take out a spoonful and put it on your plate. Add it to every bite and let the hot, salty, sweet and sour take tingle your tongue. Feel the Masti rolling down your entire being and life will no longer be dull.

QootMasti is your mate for all time. Not only for dull but also for those laughter moments that you share with your friends when all the friends hang out with hot plate of samosas or pakodas, take out the tangy QootMasti ketchup and park up your taste buds to let the Masti roll.

QootMasti is not only for young and children but QootMasti is for all ages. So never worry if the Daal has turned out to be a little boring. Just take out the papad, roast it and roll it. A little bit of pickle, the roasted papad and your meal will turn into a mouth watering delight. You can even make a mint yogurt dip with the papad for that little snack time Mast.And roasted papads don’t add to your waistline!



This is just the beginning. Qoot is visualizing to launch a vast range of products to add to celebration and revelry in life. More products are in line for a lip smacking adventure with more taste, more spice and more life. Read more..

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